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Prof. dr hab. inż. Wojciech Czarczyński (born 17.04.1933 r. in Poznań as a son of a professional officer of garrison in Gniezno). After the outbreak of the war he found himself in Ostrów Wielkopolski where he spent the years of occupation and first post-war years. In 1951 he became a student of the Low-Current Department of the Engineering School in Poznań. In the middle of the third year of his studies he transferred to the Faculty of Communication of the WrUT where he became one of the first students of the new section of Electronics. As a student of the fourth year he started working at the Department of Electronics of this Faculty. He conducted laboratory and auditory exercises in electron lamps and vacuum technique. In1956 he additionally started working at the Wrocław Department of the Industrial Electronics Institute. After obtaining diploma of master engineer in Communication in 1957 he became the head of the microwave lamp laboratory at the Wrocław Department of IEI. He dealt with construction and technology of low noise travelling-wave lamps. The fruit of labor of the team managed by him was the development of a series of travelling-wave lamps intended for radiolocation stations. In 1959 he resigned from his work at the Wrocław University of Technology.

He combined practical research with theoretical research, in particular during his stay at the Southampton University in Great Britain in 1964, where, on UNO scholarship, he worked on doctoral dissertation on space charge in electron beams, defended in 1966r at the Faculty of Electronics of WrUT.  After returning to the country, he once again began working on construction and technology of travelling-wave lamps. The lamps developed in this time were then implemented into serial production. The amount of experience gathered in his work allowed to write a textbook-monographic book „Microwave lamps”. In 1973 he was appointed reader at the Wrocław Department of IEI.

From 1978 he worked at the Institute of Electronic Technology of WrUT as a reader. In the years 1981-2001 he was the head of team working on submicrometer structures production techniques. He was the director of the Institute of Electronic Technology of WrUT in the term 1987-1990.

In the years 1991-1992 he was on WE – Heraeus Stiftung scholarship at the Universität Kassel where he worked on issues related to tunnel microscopy.

In 1995 the Council of the Faculty of Electronics of WrUT awarded him the degree of habilitated doctor on the basis of dissertation „Liquid metal ion sources”. In the same year he was appointed associate professor of WrUT. In 2000 he published a monographic „Vacuum microelectronics”, constituting an attempt at a systematic presentation of this new field in electronics. In 2001 he received the title of professor of technical sciences.

He gave lectures on electromagnetism and microwaves. Promoted 3 doctors. He was the supervisor of several dozen graduate students.

Decorated with Silver (1974) and Golden Cross of Merit (1981) as well as the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (1989).

Retired in 2003.

He collaborated with foreign universities in Kassel (Germany) and Lille (France). He was a talented technologist and educator of students and academic staff. For his academic activity he was granted many awards and decorations. After retiring, until December 2017  he was employed in the implementation of research projects.

He died on 27 April 2018 aged 85.

(based on biographical notes prepared by prof. M. Dabrowska-Szata and J. Zdanowski)

Czesław Kiliszek was born on 7 September 1928 r. in Wilno, where he spent all the war time. After the II War he studied Physics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. read more

We regret to inform you that the co-founder of the Polish Vacuum Society, prof. dr inż. Andrzej Hałas, passed away.

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Prof. Jerzy Zdanowski’s memory of professor Andrzej Hałas downoadable in pdf:


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We regret to inform you that on 7 November 2020 r. after a long and serious illness doc. dr Jerzy Marks passed away.

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